Back on the Streets

Tim Kosowicz killed.Chloe Hoson when she came to his caravan in Lansvale, Sydney to play with his cat in 2003, in a crime.that shook the nation.

He then.interfered with her.body, put her in a duffel bag.and carried her to a river bank where he dumped.her.

Kosowicz confessed to the.crime but avoided jail.and a conviction.after being ruled mentally.ill by two medics.

He instead spent the last 15 years at Morisset Hospital’s forensic.psychiatry ward.

Tim Kosowicz strangled Chloe Hoson, 5, to death before molesting her lifeless body in 2003. He has now been released from a psych ward and is back on the streets
Chloe (pictured) was killed after she ran over to her Kosowicz's caravan next door to play with his cat

But last month, Kosowicz was quietly set free into the community, and the reasons and who released him can’t be reported, The Newcastle News reported.

Prior to hisrelease, Kosowicz was allowed to leave the hospital for day trips to see his family, but he always returned to the facility by nighttime.

Kosowicz’s movements will still be heavily monitored and will be subject to random checks relating to the Child.Protection Register.

But he will live in an undisclosed private location where locals will likely be unaware of his chilling.crime.

Police investigators and forensic officers at the scene where the body of five-year-old girl Chloe Louise Hoson was found in 2003 at Lansvale in Sydney's south west

Before the death.that rocked the nation, Chloe’s mother was cleaning her caravan when her daughter came bounding inside.

After her mother told her to go outside to play, Chloe ran over to her Kosowicz’s caravan next door to play with his cat.

Kosowicz admitted he strangled.Chloe after she knocked over his bowl of.cannabis.

Chloe did not die.immediately so Kosowicz covered her head in plastic bags and then.interfered with her.body before she was dumped.into a creek.

‘She spilt my pot on the ground and then I lost the plot,’ he said.

‘Then I blacked out and next thing I was.strangling her in my bedroom.’

The New South Wales Supreme Court found he was not.guilty of murder.due to mental illness.

Chloe’s father Michael Hoson said at the time: ‘Change the system for starters. Regardless of whether you’re sane, insane, whatever, you do the.crime you do the time.’

In April last year, the detective who worked on the case revealed haunting CCTV footage of Kosowicz carrying Chloe’s body in a sports bag before dumping.her by a creek.

‘She was inside the bag and he walked with her to the location where he.dumped her.body,’ Inspector Roger Best said.

The New South Wales Supreme Court found Kosowicz (pictured) was not guilty of murder due to mental illness
Back on the Streets
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