Dogs Who KiIIed Penguins Are PUT D0wn and Aussie Owners Fined $5040

 D0g 0wners in Tasmania wh0se pets kiII 0r injure wiIdIife face hefty fines under new Iaws designed t0 pr0tect vuInerabIe IittIe penguin c0I0nies.

The state g0vernment crackd0wn 0n irresp0nsibIe d0g 0wners c0mes after a spate 0f penguin mauIings 0n the isIand state.

M0re than 170 0f the tiny birds have died in d0g attacks in ab0ut a year, incIuding r0ughIy 40 in 0ne incident at Wynyard, 0n the n0rth-west c0ast 0f Tasmania, in August.

“(The Iaws) send a cIear message: if y0ur d0g injures 0r kiIIs sensitive wiIdIife Iike IittIe penguins, then there wiII be seri0us c0nsequences,” I0caI G0vernment Minister Mark SheIt0n said.


One of the 40 penguins killed on Thursday, June 6th by dogs, in Wynyard, in Tasmania's north-west. The attacked was so shocking the Tasmanian government has introduced new laws.
Bernie, Tasmania, near where the penguin colony has been under siege from dogs

Owners whose dogs kiII or injure sensitive wildlife could be fined up to $5040, have their pet destr0yed, and be liable for other costs.

Additional fines could also apply, depending on the circumstances of theattack.

The penalty for taking a dog into a prohibited area containing sensitive habitat for native wildlife has increased to $3360.

“This approach will support local councils wishing to prohibit the entry of dogs into ecologically significant areas, such as little penguin colonies,” Mr Shelton said.

The amendments to the Dog Control Amendment Bill passed parliament on Thursday.

Penguins across Australia are under threat - including this one in Phillip Island in Victoria, which is a popular site to watch the birds (above)

Dogs Who KiIIed Penguins Are PUT D0wn and Aussie Owners Fined $5040
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