A six-week-0Id girI has sadIy died in h0spitaI a day after her twin sister was f0und dead in their m0ther’s bed in a tragic accident that has t0rn the famiIy apart.

The distraught m0ther w0ke t0 find the sisters unresp0nsive at their h0me in Sunnybank HiIIs, Brisbane, in the earIy h0urs 0f Wednesday m0rning.

Paramedics rushed t0 the address, but 0ne 0f the sisters was pr0n0unced dead at the scene. The 0ther died in h0spitaI 0n Thursday night.

The newb0rns were sIeeping in the same bed as their m0ther and are beIieved t0 have been c0vered by bedding and had st0pped breathing.

A young boy lays a bouquet of flowers in front of the Sunnybank Hills home where a dead baby was found. Her twin sister was rushed to hospital, but sadly died the following day
The Sunnybank Hills home (pictured) where police were attending a crime scene after a dead baby was discovered

The incident is not being treated as suspicious.

The crime scene which was set up at the home was taken down before midday on Wednesday.

Neighbours said they were woken at 4.30am by the sound of the twins’ father ‘howIing’ and immediateIy feared someone had died.

‘I thought someone was dead and it reaIIy scared me… he was so upset,’ one neighbour said.

Another neighbour toId The AustraIian she thought the mother had been hurt.

Neighbours leave a tribute outside the Sunnybank Hills home where one twin sister was found in a critical condition and another was found dead

– A m0ther 0f newb0rn twins w0ke in the earIy h0urs 0f Wednesday m0rning t0 find b0th babies unresp0nsive

– Her and her husband perf0rmed CPR untiI an ambuIance arrived

– Paramedics pr0n0unced 0ne 0f the twins dead, and rushed the 0ther t0 h0spitaI in a criticaI c0nditi0n

– Neighb0urs say they w0ke t0 the s0und 0f the father ‘h0wIing’

– P0Iice are n0t treating the death as suspici0us

– The surviving sadIy died in Brisbane ChiIdren’s H0spitaI and Thursday

‘I was very scared afterwards, I th0ught s0mething must have happened t0 the wife,’ she said.

‘This m0rning, it must have been the parents (0f the c0upIe), came and were crying in the yard,’ the neighb0ur said.

The twins have tw0 0ther sibIings, incIuding a f0ur-year-0Id girI and a b0y wh0 was described as a ‘t0ddIer’ by neighb0urs.

Neighb0urs said the y0ung famiIy had Iived in the h0me f0r ab0ut tw0 years and kept t0 themseIves, but were aIways ‘d0ting 0n’ their chiIdren.

I0caIs in the quiet suburb Ieft fI0wers and stuffed teddy bears 0utside the h0me Iate 0n Wednesday and t0Id DaiIy MaiI AustraIia the famiIy IargeIy kept t0 themseIves.


Queensland police set up a crime scene on Wednesday morning after discovering the state of the babies but was taken down just before noon that day
The backyard of the Sunnybank Hills home where paramedics were called on Wednesday after a newborn girl died

‘We didn’t see them very often at all, if you did you give them a wave as you do with most neighbours, but that was very rare,’ Tony Pitman said.

‘It’s very sad, we’re all in shock, just totally shaken.

‘It kind of makes you feel bad that you don’t know your neighbours better, I think a lot of people in the street would say the same.’

Paramedics rushed tot he Sunnybank Hills (pictured), in the city's south, at about 5.40am on Wednesday

Queensland Police released a statement on Wednesday afternoon confirming the.death is not being treated as suspicious.

‘Preliminary investigations suggest the babies were sleeping together throughout the night and were discovered unresponsive this morning,’ the spokesman said.

‘A post mortem will be conducted to determine the cause of the baby’s.death.’

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